“Short Takes: Interviews with Short Story Writers” with David Gordon

July 14, 2014

Some (or maybe even most) novelists have a first novel kicking around in the drawer somewhere, that they are fervently hoping will never see the light of day. And then there is David Gordon, whose first novel, The Serialist, won the VCU Cabell First Novelist Award and was a finalist for an Edgar Award. And […]

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On writing fiction—inspiration from fiction writers

July 12, 2014

“Writing fiction is an interior affair. Novels and stories always will be put down little by little out of personal feelings and personal beliefs arrived at alone and at firsthand over a period of time as time is needed… Fiction has, and must keep, a private address. For life is lived in a private place; […]

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“Editor Interviews” with Wednesday Lee Friday

July 1, 2014

What kind of a name for a girl is Wednesday? When I came across Wednesday Lee Friday’s name as the managing editor of the horror fiction monthly Under the Bed, my first thought was that this was someone whose parents had watched ‘way too many Addams Family episodes. (Turns out I wasn’t far off. She […]

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“Short Takes: Interviews with Short Story Writers” with Ethan Rutherford

June 21, 2014

Ethan Rutherford came out of the publishing gate at a gallop. His first short story collection, The Peripatetic Coffin and Other Stories, won the Minnesota Book Award, the Friends of American Writers Award, was a finalist for the Los Angeles Times Art Seidenbaum Award, and received honorable mention for the PEN/Hemingway Award! Not bad, I’d […]

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What makes me keep turning the page

June 11, 2014

Last night, I started working my way through the stack of fiction on my nightstand, and picked up a book that I had bought some time ago. The author’s name (no, I won’t tell you) was familiar to me and the brief synopsis sounded appealing. But once I started reading it, it didn’t take long […]

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So busy marketing (and doing everything else!) that there’s no time to write

June 7, 2014

So here is the dilemma that I am facing… As you know, my fiction collection, TRAVELING LEFT OF CENTER (which will be hitherto be abbreviated “TLOC” because I don’t have time to write it all out!) is due out in September. This coming September. As in, just a few short months away. This means, there […]

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“Editor Interviews” with Abby Sheaffer

June 1, 2014

I’ve decided to add another element to my blog, by inviting fiction editors to weigh in from their side of the desk. So I’m formally kicking off “Editor Interviews” with Abby Sheaffer, founder and editor-in-chief of Chicago Literati, Chicago’s foremost literary website. Chicago Literati aims to bring together novice and veteran writers not only in Chicago, […]

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“Short Takes: Interviews with Short Story Writers” with Kelly Luce

May 20, 2014

From Illinois to Japan to Texas and California—Kelly Luce sure gets around! And as she mentions in this interview, traveling is always inspiring, which may explain her significant amount of publishing credits: Chicago Tribune, Crazyhorse, Kenyon Review, American Short Fiction and The Southern Review, just to mention a few. Her work has also been recognized […]

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Fiction editing from a fiction editor—Guest post from Justin Bostian

May 1, 2014

While I enjoy sharing the perspective of short story writers on the publishing process, every now and then I want to bring in a voice from the other side of the table, so to speak. And with that in mind, I have invited Justin Bostian, editor of Hypertext Magazine, to talk about the fiction editing […]

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Planning my blog tour—Part Two

April 30, 2014

In a previous post, I had provided some useful tips gleaned from articles about planning a blog tour. While I am still researching more information and soliciting advice from those who host as well as those who tour, I thought I would use this post as a kind of “where I am at right now” […]

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