Calendar of Change

August2014Nothing good ever happens to me— only bad stuff.

Is that your attitude toward life events—that the only surprises that occur are those you’d rather not have? Perhaps the fault is not in what is happening but in the attitude you take toward it.

Opportunity comes in many forms and many guises. Sometimes it is in what you consider “good events”: work promotions, new relationships, lottery winnings. But sometimes, the experiences you label as “bad” are also opportunities: chances for you to make a decision, take another path, fix (or walk away from) a relationship.

But to benefit from those second types of opportunities, you need to first be open to them—metaphorically open the door when an opportunity knocks at it. And then, once it’s inside, don’t immediately categorize it as “good” or “bad” but simply as what it is: a chance for change.

Nothing happens by chance and everything has a reason. Life is full of synchronicities, coincidences, unexpected occurrences. People come into your life or events take place that, if you are aware and open to them, can make a difference in your future or the path you follow.

During “Open to Opportunity” Week beginning August 3rd, you have the chance to let these circumstances shift you closer to your goals or maybe send you in a different direction entirely. Bust out of your “negative attitude” rut and open the door to opportunity. You may be surprised at what transpires!