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Here you will find plenty of information for writers and about the writing life as well as details about my writing background, corporate writing projects and publishing credits, and my writing workshops.

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If you want to improve your life…
Each week, my Make a Change blog helps you "bust outta your rut" with suggestions and tips as well as interviews with experts in personal and professional development. (For more life-changing insights, check out the archived episodes from "Take Charge of Your Life.").

If you need a writer…
You’ve got an article or corporate assignment. You need a writer who is creative, professional and deadline-oriented. You need…me! My credits include both magazine and web site articles as well as corporate projects, and my background covers a wide range of topics, categories and industries.

If you are looking for an interesting and dynamic speaker…
My writing classes and “Rut-Busting”™ Workshops are just what your attendees need to kick-start their life or develop their abilities. My workshops are enlightening, educational and entertaining, but don’t just take my word for it! Read what others have said about my Rut-Busting™ Workshops and Writing Workshops and Courses.

If you’re a writer…
The Writer's Place is where you need to start. Here you'll find updates on conferences and resources to improve and inspire you. Be sure to join us at The Writer's Place blog where you can share your tips, thoughts and observations on writing and the writing life and get weekly "inspiration injections" to keep you going.

And don’t forget to visit my One on One and Finding Fran blogs, where authors and writers share their insights on the personal and creative aspects on living the writing life!

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Check out my contribution to Kelly Boyer Sagert’s article on sources!

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